Database Working Group Draft Agenda

Thursday, 3 November, 14:00 — 15:30

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Select scribe
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  • Review of action list

B. Database Update

  • Brief update
  • The road ahead (core software reimplementation)
  • Discussion of impact on users (if any)

C. Internationalisation of the Registry System

  • Problem statement and goals
  • Mandate to the NCC / implementation approach?

D. Geolocation Registry Proposal and Prototype

  • Current status of discussion and mock-up
  • Deployment possibilities (responsibility for entries, use,…)
  • Continue or cancel? (–> PDP?)

Read more on this topic: Denis Walker, RIPE NCC, presents Geolocation Prototype for RIPE Database on RIPE Labs

H. Input from other working groups and task forces