Address Policy Working Group Agenda

Wednesday, 2 November, 9:00 — 10:30

Session I

A. Administrative Matters

Welcome, thanking the scribe, approving the minutes from RIPE 62, etc.

B. Current Policy Topics - Emilio Madaio

  • Global policy overview – “what’s going on?”
  • Common policy topics in all regions (end of IPv4, transfers, …)
  • Overview over concluded proposals in the RIPE region since RIPE 61 (list of things that the WG chairs collective agree on)
  • Brief overview over new proposals (2011-04, 2011-05)

C. Policy Development Office Activities – Emilio Madaio

D. Feedback from RIPE NCC Registration Service – Alex le Heux

Emilio and Alex will give the WG some insights on policy development topics from the RIPE NCC side.

E. Discussion of open policy proposals, part I

  • 2011-02 IPv6 PI assignment policy/removal of multihoming requirements (current status, by the AP WG chairs)
  • 2011-04 Initial IPv6 allocation size/6rd  (Jan Zorz)


Wednesday, 2 November, 11:00 — 12:30

Session II

J. Welcome back

K. Discussion of open policy proposals, part II

2011-05 IPv4 Assignments to IXPs from the Last /8 – Andy Davidson, representing the EIX WG

L. on (Inter-RIR) transfers – Dave Wilson (tbc)

M. IPv4 Maintenance Policy – Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair

Introduction to a work-in-progress document about governance of IPv4 resources in the RIPE region after run-out and Q&A.

N. On Renumbering IPv6 networks – N.N.

[report from the discussion in the IPv6 WG on Tuesday ]

O. The story of 2008-08 – RPKI in the RIPE NCC Service Region – from the APWG chair

What happened, and what’s next


Thursday, 3 November, 9:00 — 10:30

Session III

R. On IPv6 PI/PA Unification

Discussion led by WG co-chairs on how the IPv6 PA/PI policies can be reworked in a fundamental way to better fit the needs of all IPv6 Users.

S. Rough Edges of the current policies

“if things show up”

T. Discussion of open policy proposals

“if we need more time”

Y. Open Policy Hour

The Open Policy Hour (OPH) is a showcase for your policy ideas. If you have a policy proposal you’d like to debut, prior to formally submitting it, here is your opportunity.  (Idea from ARIN policy meeting).