RIPE NCC Services

RIPE NCC staff will be at the RIPE NCC Info Hub in the coffee break area throughout the meeting to answer your questions, demonstrate our latest services and help you with any queries you have about the RIPE NCC or RIPE.

Registration Services and Customer Services staff will be available to answer your questions about:

  • IPv4 exhaustion
  • IPv6 deployment
  • Legacy space
  • Changes to registry file information
  • 2007-01 implementation
  • Internet number resource requests (IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs)
  • Invoices and billing
  • The RIPE Database
  • RIPE NCC training courses and the E-Learning Centre
  • How to become a Local Internet Registry (LIR)
  • RIPE Labs
  • The RIPE NCC Listing Service
  • General questions about the RIPE NCC and/or RIPE

Speak with staff from Global Information Infrastructure (GII) and Research and Development (R&D) about:

  • Routing Information Services (RIS) and BGPlay
  • Reverse DNS, DNSSEC, DNSMON, K-root, the Test Traffic Measurements (TTM)
  • RIPEstat (beta) and the RIPEstat iPhone/iPad app
  • RIPE Atlas