IPv6 Working Group Draft Agenda

Tuesday, 1 November, 16:00 — 17:30

A. Welcome

B. Renumbering IPv6
Tim Chown, Wes George, IETF 6RENUM
(presented by Shane Kerr)

The task of the IETF 6RENUM working group is to document existing renumbering practices for enterprise site networks and to identify specific renumbering problems or ‘gaps’ in the context of partial or site-wide renumbering.

What does the RIPE community think about this and can we give the IETF and/or other RIPE working groups some feedback on the operational experiences with renumbering so far?

C. Replacing ripe-501
Jan Zorz, go6 institute

Presentation on the main changes that got incorporated into the new document, which will hopefully be published shortly after RIPE 63.

D. Horses for Courses – like IPv6 profiles for German administration
Constanze Burger, Bundesministerium des Innern

Overview on how the German Government is adopting IPv6, with the integration of the ripe-501 text into internal procedures and training of staff.

E. Status of ADSL Deployment in the XS4ALL network
Timo Hilbrink, XS4ALL

XS4ALL has deployed IPv6 in their DSL network as an opt-in service for quite some time now. This presentation will highlight some of the progress made and the effects of events like World IPv6 Day on the number of users adopting IPv6. They will also present on their experiences with CPE vendors on compatibility with the XS4ALL network and developments in the industry.

F. Lightning talks

  • F1 – Results of the 2011 Global IPv6 Deployment Monitoring survey
    Chris Buckridge, RIPE NCC, presents the results of the global 2011 survey, conducted by GNKS Consult, on the current and future deployment of IPv6.
  • F2 – Effects of human capacity building on IPv6 adoption and deployment
    Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC, will present on correlating IPv6 deployment statistics with training initiatives by the RIPE NCC and other organisations such as MENOG.
  • F3 – Stateless IPv4 over IPv6
    Ole Troan, Cisco, will give a quick overview of what is happening in the IETF softwire WG

G. IANA Reserved IPv4 Prefix for Shared CGN Space
David Kessens

Talk about IETF draft-weil-shared-transition-space-request

H. IPv6 speed dating
Marco Hogewoning

IPv6: In a world where some are doing it, and some aren’t. There is a match to be made.