RIPE Programme Committee

The election process

  • During the Opening Plenary, the RIPE Programme Committee (PC) will give an overview of the composition of the PC and the rotation scheme. The nomination period will open.
  • Candidates wishing to stand for election to the PC should notify pc [at] ripe [dot] net and send a brief biography to meeting [at] ripe [dot] net by 09:00 local time on Friday. Biographies will be posted to
  • Elections will take place during the Closing Plenary on Friday. Only those present in the room will be able to vote. The candidate with the most votes will be elected onto the PC.

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Candidate Biographies (in alphabetical order)

Harald Michl

I have worked for the Vienna University Computer Center since mid 1998, and am now responsible for the technical things within ACOnet (the Austrian NREN) and the Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX). Wearing these different hats gives me the ability to be in contact with the academic community as well as the commercial ip-related community.

I regularly attend and participate in international meetings and have been on the RIPE Programme Committee as a representative of the local host for RIPE 63. As RIPE 63 was the first meeting that a programme committee was in place, I’d like to make use of the experience we got and contribute to improvements based on what we’ve learned.

Piotr Strzyżewski

I have been working for the Computer Centre of Silesian University of Technology (one of the biggest polish technical universities) since 1997 and from the very beginning I was responsible for dealing with LIR issues. These duties evolved into the active participating in the RIPE community.

During past few years I have presented my ideas, proposals and presentations during several RIPE Meetings on various Working Group sessions and most recently I have became an Abuse Contact Management Task Force member.

Currently in my work I deal with both academic and commercial customers. This gives me the opportunity to understand different needs and dissimilar views. Moreover, I believe that I can bring a new insight into the topics
which matters in the Central and Eastern Europe which could be crucial for Program Committee.

And… since we are all in Vienna and you are probably thinking what I’m doing on my photo: this is the size of famous Trześniewski’s sandwiches. :)

Thanks in advance for voting!

Filiz Yilmaz

I have been involved with RIPE community for 10+ years now, when I took a job at the RIPE NCC back in 2001. I initially took on positions in Internet number resource registration and delivered various RIPE NCC training courses. Then I got more involved with the RIPE Policy Development Process and as the Policy Development Manager, I worked with the RIPE community, analyzing and tracking policy proposals and supporting policy building and implementation.

I am currently working at ICANN, as the Senior Director of Participation and Engagement, developing outreach programs and engagement strategies with the global Internet community.

My position in the last decade at the RIPE NCC allowed me to build strong relationships all around the planet. My current position at ICANN allows me to continue such contact with the global Internet communities, in following trends and developments not only in technical but also Internet policy fora.

I always believed networks and Internet communities did not have borders. Today Internet communities are evolving and converging around various common discussion topics, bringing techies and non-techies to the same platforms. I believe with the contact database of Internet stakeholders consisting of ISPs, vendors, government bodies, academic institutions, IXPs, TLD operators and various Internet forums I have built over the years, I can contribute to the RIPE Programme Committee, bringing speakers and topics to be considered by the RIPE community.

RIPE community is also my direct Internet community as an ordinary Internet citizen as I am based in Netherlands, Amsterdam. While I know I will keep being involved with RIPE community, I also want to be actively involved and keep supporting the RIPE community in a different role now. Contributing to the programme building process will allow me such an active role, suiting my qualifications and profile at the same time.

Thanks for reading!

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