RPKI Workshop

Monday, 31 October, 9:00 — 12:20

What you’ll learn

The workshop will focus on BGP Origin Validation, based on the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI). You will learn how RPKI enables network operators to make more reliable routing decisions and how it protects against accidental mis-origination, the most common routing error we see today.

Using various open-source tools from rpki.net and the RIPE NCC, you will be able to set up a resource certificate and create Route Origin Authorisation (ROA) objects, stating which Autonomous Systems are authorised to originate the prefixes you hold. After publishing your ROAs, you can validate them and configure routers to set routing preferences based on the RPKI status of your prefixes.

This workshop will be a collaboration between Rob Austein, Randy Bush, Michael Elkins, Benno Overeinder (NLNet Labs), Jac Kloots (SURFnet), Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and the RIPE NCC.

Participation Details

You do not need to register for this workshop. There are no prerequisites for using the rpki.net tools. In order to generate a certificate and configure ROAs on the RIPE NCC pilot server, you’ll need to have an LIR Portal user account with access to the certification system or know the administrator credentials for your LIR Portal account.

More information:

If you don’t have an LIR Portal account or the necessary administrator credentials, you can still participate.