16:04 < mirjam_ripencc> Hello. Welcome to the ENUM WG session. My name is Mirjam Kuehne from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session. If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on www.ripe.n
16:06 < bhoeneis> @paf: So I am not the only one listing to this session from .ch ...:-)
16:06 < paf> Nope, I am in Geneva. At nice Palais de Nations!
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16:14 < bhoeneis> Which are the lame zones?
16:15 -!- BSS27-RIPE [~bss@2001:878::250:56ff:feb2:149.] has joined #enum
16:17 < Anand_RIPENCC> Bernie: and cannot be resolved at all. All their servers fail.
16:19 < mirjam_ripencc> @bhoeneis: Sorry, didn't see your question in time. I asked the speaker. The lame zones are: +65 and +84 .
16:19 < bhoeneis> tnx.Positively suprised, that is not anymore among those...
16:19 < mirjam_ripencc> singapore and vietnam
16:19 < bhoeneis> tnx
16:22 < bhoeneis> I am wondering if there have been policy changes after the discussion about this during last RIPE-meeting.
16:23 < bhoeneis> (I meant the lame delegation problem)
16:24 < Anand_RIPENCC> Bernie: not sure what you mean about policy. there was no discussion on enum-wg that I am aware of changing policy.
16:25 < mirjam_ripencc> Wolfgang is saying is not aware of any policy changes either
16:25 < bhoeneis> ok, tnx.
16:27 < bhoeneis> for clarification: I remember a discussion about whether RIPE should be able to remove a totally lame delegation (technically) as lame delegations cause operational problems
16:29 < Anand_RIPENCC> Bernie: we have not received any reports of operational problems. If we did, we would bring them to the community for discussion. At the moment though, the RIPE NCC will not remove any delegations even if they are lame.
16:31 < bhoeneis> ok. tnx.
16:35 < bhoeneis> Panelists not visible in video stream
16:37 < antonbaskov> please, move camera down to see panelists
16:40 < mirjam_ripencc> is it better now?
16:40 < antonbaskov> thank you ;)
16:40 < bhoeneis> tnx
16:40 < mirjam_ripencc> ah, good :-)
16:49 < bhoeneis> I second Robert. Same happend in
17:27 < paf> Ok, I must leave now...sorry....VERY good discussion. See you late tonight in some bar, or tomorrow!